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ASC Turnaround Group

Do you want your ambulatory surgery center to perform better? Are you struggling to balance your medical responsibilities with the management and financial demands of your ambulatory surgery center?

Take our FREE AUDIT, and then give us a call. At Murphy Healthcare, our ASC Turnaround Group has been a leader in building and rehabilitating ambulatory surgery centers since 1990.

With headquarters in New York City and Montvale, New Jersey, we are one of the most successful surgery center development and management companies in the United States. And the reason is this: Our top management continues to be personally involved with each project and partner. And that makes all the difference.

Key strategies for the short- and long-term success of our surgery centers:

  • Syndication – new physicians – new specialties
  • Increase case volume from existing partners
  • Identify and monitor key metrics for the center
  • Reduce cost per minute (staff/supplies)
  • Improve A/R management
  • Increase case reimbursement (re-negotiate certain managed care contracts)
  • IT system / experienced management team

We are responsible for the turnaround and success of over 30 surgery centers in four states, with a total market capitalization of over $650 million. In doing so, we’ve improved the quality of the care, quality of business and quality of life for hundreds of surgeons struggling under healthcare’s financial and regulatory burdens.

ROBERT MURPHY speaks on “How going in-network can increase profit”

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After just six months working with one failing surgery center in Florida, we’ve seen a 75% increase
in case volume, a 20% reduction in cost and a 40% increase in receipts per case. Click here to learn how »